Check out these fun ideas to keep your kids learning all summer!  Thank you to Principal Miner, Tom Doggett, Katherine Henson, Frank Kleyn, Polly Olson, Lori Scobie, and Amy Wilcox for providing these suggestions and resources. 


A list of ideas, games, puzzles and links to resources.


A list of ideas, supplies, links and more!

Learning by Age

Quickly hone in to age-appropriate websites for summer learning.


Information on the KCLS (LFP) Summer Learning Program, access online books and audiobooks, search events, learn how to get a library card and find book recommendations.

Computer Programming & Coding

Access to Code Academy,, Khan Academy, Scratch Programming and Coder Dojo (free coding classes on Saturdays). **Scroll down page for links

Mrs. Miner’s Guide to Preventing Summer Slide

Creative learning ideas that might not always look like learning (a lemonade stand!) plus how to use your family vacation to enhance learning.

Prevent Tweens from Backsliding

Fun and creative ideas to keep your child engaged with learning over summer break.

Prevent Summer Backslide

Quick and helpful tips to keep your kids from experiencing a ‘summer backslide’

Walk in Nature

It may seem obvious, but walking in nature is one of the very most salutary things that people can do, and instilling it in your kids at an early age is vital.

Screen Time

Parents are encouraged to minimize screen time, as it can encourage life-long habits that will be very problematic. What goes naturally along with less screen time, of course, is more time interacting as a family, which is another incredibly important thing for developing healthy humans!

Bright Ideas Summer Projects

Age-specific projects and activities (some with online interactive tools!) to boost summer learning.


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